Mijares Mexican Restaurant in Pasadena, California is extremely well known for two things, their margaritas and their all you can eat Sunday champaign buffet brunch, both of which are excellent. This restaurant has been around for what seems like forever and has developed a crowd of very loyal patrons.

Discover Mijares Mexican Restaurant In Pasadena California

Discover Mijares Mexican Restaurant In Pasadena CaliforniaMijares Mexican Restaurant in Pasadena, California is extremely well known for two things, their margaritas and their all you can eat Sunday champaign buffet brunch, both of which are excellent. This restaurant has been around for what seems like forever and has developed a crowd of very loyal patrons.

Although it is justly well known for it's Sunday buffet, this is a good place to dine in at any time. Their food is always fresh and well prepared and their service is usually above average. The atmosphere is casual, relaxed and friendly and their prices are very reasonable.

Every once in a while someone will tell me that the food here is not authentic Mexican cuisine (most of these people, by the way, are not Mexican or Hispanic and have never been to Mexico). When I ask them why they feel that the food is not authentic, they say that the food is not spicy or hot enough. They say that Mexican food is very hot because of all the chili that is added during cooking. Well, I have news for those people, not all Mexicans like their food extra spicy and many that do enjoy it hot like to add their chili while they are eating. Every Mexican that I know who has eaten here likes the way the food is prepared and likes the chilis and salses that are served with the food. My son, who is one half Mexican, likes his food hot, the hotter the better, yet this is one of his favorite Mexican restaurants. He says that neither the food nor the salsas can compare with those prepared by his mother or grandmother but they are better those served in most Mexican restaurants that he has been to. I have been a fan of Mexican cuisine since I met my wife in 1966. I do not like hot or very spicey food but I do like well prepared food with good flavor. I do not think that anyone can cook better than my wife, however we both like to go out to eat and we both enjoy good Mexican restaurants. While there are some Mexican restaurants that I prefer over Mijares, none of them are in Pasadena.

The Sunday brunch at Mijares is very good and at $16.95 per person is very cheap. Some people I know drink that much in free champaign and mimosas. If you are not that much into Mexican food the buffet also has eggs, hash browns, bacon, ham and delicious ribs. Their omelet chef makes excellent omelets and definitely doesn't stint on the ingredients. If you are into Mexican food they serve menudo, fajitas, various types of tacos, enchiladas, carnitas, rice, beans and more. They have a nice variety of desserts including flan and plenty of fruit.

Mijares has a fairly small but well stocked bar. It seems, however that almost everyone goes there for the margaritas which are inexpensive, generously proportioned and made with good quality tequila. The bartenders are friendly and the patrons at the bar always seem to be part of one big party.

Mijares Mexican Restaurant is a family owned restaurant and is located in it's own hacienda style building at 145 Palmetto Drive, Pasadena, California. It has plenty of free and valet parking except on Friday and Saturday nights when it seems as if almost everybody in the San Gabriel Valley is there partying, eating, drinking margaritas and listening to mariachi music.

Reservations are not required but they are a good idea. The telephone number for Mijares is 626-792-2763.

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Selecting A Family Travel Destination: No Need To Forgo Hip Or Charm

Selecting A Family Travel Destination: No Need To Forgo Hip Or Charm

Small hotels are adapting to family needs, and becoming an attractive alternative to resorts and large hotel chains.Out of guilt or a need to maximize the amount of time we spend with our children, we have convinced ourselves for years that a family vacation requires sacrificing the interests of the parents to satisfy the needs of the kids. Thus whether traveling half way around the world or driving a mere two hours from home many of us are heading to the same location: a child-friendly resort.This need not to be the rule. Many independent hotels and lodges have discovered how to make an adult environment work for kids and may be more child welcoming than those that bill themselves as child-friendly.Not surprisingly, smaller hotels, inns and lodges - many of them luxurious - are leading the pack. The atmosphere is cozy and the service, more personalized. In addition, your family will probably get more exposure to the local culture - not to mention cuisine - in a smaller hotel than is possible in a big international resort.Children profit the most. Many cultures embrace kids. Thus a large part of the experience in countries such as Argentina and Turkey is the interaction with the locals. Exploring other cultures provides children with a unique education; it broadens their horizon and helps them to learn more about life.Things to keep in mind Some smaller hotels may not offer round-the-clock service or traditional in-room services, such as minibar, tv and video games but are likely to be more spontaneous, warm your baby's bottle with a smile or offer your child a dish that is not on the menu. Children's meals may mean that kids are not allowed in the dinning room. Aside from providing parents with a reprieve, kids-only meals usually offer food they like and give them a chance to make new friends. No kids clubs. Relax. While it may take a day or two and a bit parental encouragement, kids will rediscover how easy it is to make friends and create fun, on their own. If the environment is relaxed, children will be relaxed as well. In a smaller hotel, you are likely to feel comfortable allowing your kids to explore on their own.Rules of thumb Review the hotels website. Find out if it belongs to a local or an international association. Is it recommended by your travel agent or a leading tour operator? Has it been rated? If the website does not mention children, they may not be welcome. A telephone call or email will avoid unwanted surprises.Copyright more2explore S.r.l. All rights reserved.

Make Dining Part of Your Branson, Missouri Experience

Make Dining Part of Your Branson, Missouri Experience

Regardless of whether you're going to Branson, Missouri for shows and shopping, or theme parks and lake activities, everyone eventually needs to refuel, re-energize, and relax. What better place to kick back and unwind than at one of the many great restaurants the Branson area has to offer. You'll find a wide variety of restaurants for every taste, from national chains (such as the Olive Garden and Red Lobster) to treasured local favorites (such as Grannys Restaurant and McFarlains).For those who dont know, Branson has a residential population of approximately 7,000 and an annual tourist population of more than 7,000,000. With that in mind, it is easy to imagine the diverse selection of restaurant choices available to area visitors (and the lucky residents). So whether you're looking for a fine dining restaurant experience, a casual family buffet, or just some really fast food, you'll find it all in Branson, Missouri.Due to the high tourist volume, its best to plan your vacation ahead of time; this includes deciding where to eat. You should consider consulting a Branson, Missouri restaurant guide to gather information on area restaurants to help make your dining as memorable and enjoyable as your other vacation activities. One such website where you can find an assortment of information and even customer reviews is is a quick FYI; there arent many restaurants in Branson that accept reservations, some, but not many. Generally the only exception to this is in the case of large groups, so it is beneficial to groups to make a reservation or you just may end up having to change your dining plans. And depending on the size of your group, you may want to be sure the restaurant has the capacity to handle you.Also keep in mind there are numerous bus tours that go to Branson everyday, so with that said, depending on the time of year, expect a wait at most of the more popular eating establishments. If you are a little impatient (or just really hungry), you might want to opt for one of the many great buffets Branson is famous for. Just be sure to take a little time researching your dining options before you go so that you dont miss out on a delicious meal like seafood, steak, or BBQ just to name a few. Whatever and wherever you choose to eat, I hope you enjoy your Branson vacation.

Visit Beverly Hills California

Visit Beverly Hills California

Beverly Hills, California, one of the wealthiest cities in the world is known world wide for multi million dollar mansions, Rodeo Drive shopping, luxury automobile dealerships, four and five star hotels, fine dining establishments and wealthy citizens.

Beverly Hills is a great place to visit. Go shopping or window shopping at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Channel, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Gearys, Polo/Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Lalique, Tiffany & Co, Robert Clergerie, Barneys New York, Van Cleef & Arpels, La Perla, Hermes, Alfred Dunhill, St. John, Harry Winston, Buccellati, Cole-Haan, David Orgell, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Fendi or dozens of other luxury boutiques, stores and shops.

If you are into luxury cars, you can find almost every type of luxury and classic car there is on the streets and at the dealerships in Beverly Hills.

If you can afford it stay in a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel and be treated like a king or queen. There are also the Le Meridien, Four Seasons, Regent Beverly Wilshire, The Beverly Hilton, Raffles L'Ermitage Beverly Hills hotels as well as several other great hotels.

Have breakfast or lunch and see the stars at the Polo Lounge, eat at Trader Vics, Spagos, Il Fornaio, La Scala, Delmonicos Lobster House, Regent Beverly Wilshire, Benihana, Houston's and other fine restaurants. All of them provide excellent service and delicious fare.

All of the businesses and merchants in Beverly Hills are used to serving wealthy and discriminating clientel, therefore almost anywhere you go you will be treated with service that is far above average. Unlike the scenes in the movie Pretty Woman I have never run in to rude or snooty sales clerks. Everywhere I have shopped, stayed or dined in Beverly Hills I have been treated very well. Money is money and it seems that the merchants believe that if you can afford to buy their goods or services you are more than welcome in their establishment. Since nowadays it is hard to tell by looks who has money and who doesn't it's easier and safer for the merchants to treat everyone as if they are wealthy.

Drive through the residential areas of Beverly Hills. You will find houses and mansions of all architectural styles and sizes beautifuly landscaped with dark green lawns, sculpted hedges, fountains and gorgeous gardens. Even the streets are clean and well tended.

Visit Beverly Hills, if you are rich you will feel right at home and if you are not you will probably, at least for a while, feel like you are.

By the way, even though the city is filled with luxury hotels, shops and restaurants, since not everyone who lives, visits or works in Beverly Hills is rich, there are still plenty of medium to inexpensively priced hotels, shops, restaurants, coffee shops and fast food places.

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Visitors Guide to Houston, Texas, USA

The city of Houston is America's fourth-largest city and although a spreading location, much of the appeal is concentrated in the city center, between the downtown district and the Galleria Mall. Houston is a young and vibrant city, with a host of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Close to the Gulf Coast Cities, Houston is also home to a number of exceptional museums, popular festivals and regular well-attended sporting events at the city's stadium.Houston is a large and important city, incorporating a number of local communities and historical neighborhoods. Amongst these districts are Downtown - the center of Houston, full of entertainment, shops and restaurants; Midtown - easily reached by the city's light railway; and Uptown - one of the liveliest and most animated areas of the city, featuring the enormous cosmopolitan Galleria shopping mall.Other notable areas of Houston include the Museum District - home to an unusual concentration of exceptional museums and art galleries; the Theater District - one of America's most notable clusters of top theaters, in central downtown; and also the Heights - on the northwest side of downtown, with many historic buildings and specialty shops.Houston Tourism:Tourist attractions in Houston are plentiful, making Houston a particularly enjoyable place to visit. Facilities include many striking buildings and monuments, historical museums and traditional "art galleries" , must-see sights and numerous recreational activities, which are particularly popular in the city's many parklands, such as Hermann Park, Memorial Park and Sam Houston Park.Top attractions include Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens, Downtown Aquarium, Houston Zoo, Space Center Houston and Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum, Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) and the JP Morgan Chase Tower Observation Deck. Museums worth a visit include Houston's Lawndale Art Center, Museum of Fine Arts, Contemporary Arts Museum and the Rice University Art Gallery. There are also a number of seasonal theater productions that are always popular with visitors to Houston.Houston Transport:Around Houston, public transport is well organized and a number of major freeways and interstates are nearby. The city contains a large train station along Washington Avenue, with regular Amtrak trains arriving and departing each day, traveling to a range of cities, including Los Angeles. Further transport options include Greyhound buses, the local METRO bus network, the METRORail tram service, car rental and taxicabs.George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston (IAH) stands around 22 miles / 33 km on the north side of the city center and is an important transport hub. With four terminals and many passengers arriving each day from all over the world, Houston Airport provides a range of convenient ground transport, which includes shuttle buses, taxis and car rental options. Also nearby, the William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) is a smaller airport with mainly domestic airlines, located to the southeast of the city's downtown district.Houston Hotels:Being a modern, important and large cosmopolitan city, Houston's accommodation more than meets expectations. With a simply vast selection of well-placed hotels, there is plenty to suit visitors, although advance reservations are sensible. Hotels can be found close to both airports, along nearby highways and throughout the city center, with all main brands well represented. Camping grounds are also available for holidaymakers with RVs, and the Houston International Hostel along Crawford Street is popular with budget travelers.Houston Restaurants:Dining in Houston is massive and there are around 5,000 restaurants and eateries to choose from in Houston, with a wide range of different cuisines readily available for all palates. Many of the city's most popular restaurants can be found in the downtown area, the Richmond Entertainment district, and in the uptown district particularly along Richmond Avenue. International cuisine on offer in Houston includes French, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Spanish and Thai, together with traditional Texan dishes and American diners. Chinatown is the place to head for authentic Chinese restaurants and shopping malls have become a popular place to eat in Houston and often include large, open-plan food courts, with a number of options, including fast food.Houston Shopping:Houston is an impressive, vibrant shopping destination offering a large selection of shops and stores. Facilities include many popular designer outlets and fashion boutiques, together with well-known department stores and enormous shopping malls. Popular shopping areas include Chinatown, Main Street, Westheimer, Uptown Park Boulevard and Rice Village close to the Museum District. Worth a visit are the River Oaks Center between Woodhead and Shepherd, Alabama and Westheimer, and the University Village, close to Rice University.Houston Weather:The city has a subtropical and fairly humid climate, with sunny, hot summer weather and cooler winters. Temperatures during July and August are at their hottest and can peak at highs of around 35C / 95F. Spring in Houston is a mild season and a busy time of the year, when many visitors arrive in Houston. Winters in Houston are cool, although the temperatures stay well above freezing. January is the coldest month when daytime temperatures average around 16C / 61F, although lows of less than 10C / 50F may be experienced.

Goa in November

Goa is the smallest state in India and the former Portugal colony. Portuguese merchants first landed in Goa in the 16th century and very soon colonised it. The Portuguese colony existed for approximately 450 years, until it became a part of India in 1961. Some people consider Goa the most beautiful place in Asia or, even, in the whole world. Goa is the embodiment of the paradise on the Earth! Blue ocean, white beaches, palms and all the tropical exotic combined with the traces of Indian history make this place one the centres of the attraction in India. From the October here begins high tourist season monsoons have already finished but the heat is not as intolerable as in spring. So its just the time to visit this peace of heaven in one the biggest countries in the world! Goa is separated in two parts Northern and Southern. People seeking for the entertainment prefer Northern Goa, and people looking for tranquility prefer the South of the state. The Northern Goa is famous for its clubs, its beach parties and its hippy communes. Many people, coming here prefer never come back to their homes. Here they found their happiness. The Southern part of Goa is mainly known for its outstanding beaches and prestigious hotels. This is the place for well-to-do western tourists. However there is a lot to see in Goa except beaches and discos. Its ancient history makes Goa quite an interesting place for those who love old ruins, ancient legends and entertaining excursions. Panaji is lovely state capital which has retained its Portuguese heritage in a lived-in, knockabout kind of way and exudes an aura more reminiscent of the Mediterranean than of India. 17th-century Braganza House is another example of the Portuguese-era glory. The 16th-century World Heritage-listed Vittala Temple is the magnificent highlight of the ruins. It is still unfinished, but the temple's incredible sculptural work is the masterpiece of Vijayanagar art. Overlooking the mouth of the Mandovi River, Fort Aguada occupies a magnificent position, its strategic value confirmed by the fact that it was never taken by force. This is a very popular spot for watching the sunset. The Bom Jesus Basilica holds the mortal remains of St Francis Xavier. The church is located in Old Goa, which was the capital of "Goa in" the early days of Portuguese rule.


Mijares Mexican Restaurant in Pasadena, California is extremely well known for two things, their margaritas and their all you can eat Sunday champaign buffet brunch, both of which are excellent. This restaurant has been around for what seems like forever and has developed a crowd of very loyal patrons.